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About Us

At Cal Dining, we believe that “breaking bread together” is a unique aspect of dining on-campus with friends, faculty or staff. Our focus is on nourishing the Cal community, both for physical and social well-being, through customer-driven programs, culinary excellence, and campus social responsibility.

Our service philosophy is centered around three key principles:

  1. Flavor & Variety – We are committed to providing great tasting food for every palate. Our award-winning program features a wide variety of seasonal menus and ethnic specialties. We’ve partnered with top chefs and restaurateurs to bring quality offerings to our locations.
  2. Health & Wellness – As leaders in providing “healthier-for-you” foods, we transitioned to natural, organic, and trans-fat free food products and are 99.9% free of partially hydrogenated oils (PHO) in over 4,000 products.
  3. Social Responsibility – We continually strive to do everything possible to minimize our environmental footprint. As a responsible neighbor, we are dedicated to supporting the Cal community, expanding our ecological efforts, and encouraging our customers to do the same.

The Cal Dining team aims to be responsive by listening to our customers and responding to each and every customer comment. We demonstrate our commitment to responsibility by being the best possible stewards of our customer’s financial resources. We strive to provide best-in-class service, all while upholding the values of the UC Berkeley community.

recycle logoRecycleCal Dining is also committed to being an environmentally friendly part of the Berkeley community. Explore our sustainability practices.

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