Waste Reduction

Cal Dining is committed to actively engaging in practices that reduce both solid waste and food waste in our operations.


Food Waste

Students are encouraged to take a reasonable amount of food in our all-you-care-to-eat dining halls to reduce the environmental impact of food waste. Our Cal Dining Sustainability Team hosts “Weigh Your Waste” events each semester!


These food waste buffets are displayed throughout each “Weigh Your Waste” event and highlight the amount of edible food brought to the dish return during one meal period!

Proud of your clean plate? Look out for the Cal Dining Sustainability Team’s clean plate promotion! Customers are rewarded with a prize for bringing their clean plate to the dish return.

Cal Dining is proud to partner with Copia to recover edible food at the end of each meal period. Food donations are delivered to the UC Berkeley Pantry, University Village, and local nonprofits in Oakland.

Bulk Bins

Buying snacks in bulk is a great way to reduce waste. Bulk bins are available at Cub Market and Bear Market and are stocked with nutritious favorites. The Bulk Bin project was a student-led initiative with funding from The Green Initiative Fund.

Coffee Stamp Card Program

We encourage you to bring reusable beverage containers around campus. Our guests receive a 50 cent discount for bringing their own mug to our retail locations. Grab a stamp card at one of our retail locations and for every 4 coffee drinks purchases using a reusable mug, you will get the 5th free!


Cal Dining partners with Filta to recycle our used cooking oil. Filta collects the waste oil and converts it into biodiesel, reducing both waste and emissions on the road.



We partner with Cal Zero Waste to make great efforts to ensure our disposable packaging is recyclable or compostable when possible. Please help us reach out zero waste goal by 2020 by sorting your waste into the correct container.