The Clark Kerr Garden

The Clark Kerr Garden is managed by the RSSP grounds department along with the Housing & Dining Sustainability Team Garden Coordinators and committed volunteers.

Our goal is to be a space where anyone can hang out, pass through, learn something, collaborate, and enjoy food together. We hold skills training workshops and celebrations in the garden and around Clark Kerr’s edible landscapes. We work with dining hall staff and chefs to ensure that they have access and can bring in fresh, local herbs or produce into the dining hall. We have an active role in campus garden initiatives and coordinate with the Basic Needs Committee to provide food for students who need it.

The Housing & Dining Sustainability Team is committed to the CKC garden because it provides a hands-on example of the possibility of garden-to-table partnerships, place-based produce sourcing, and community building between Clark Kerr staff and residents.

How you can get involved:


  • The Berkeley Student Food Pantry
  • Redwood Gardens
  • Clark Kerr Campus Child Development Center
  • Global Environmental Theme House
  • Engineers for a Sustainable World
  • The Student Organic Garden Association
  • Oxford Tract
  • UC Gill Tract Community Farm