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  Notice – The latest updates on the evolving COVID-19 policies and resources for the campus communityx
Cal Dining's prevention and response efforts.

Updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Cal Dining is committed to supporting and nourishing the Berkeley community during this challenging and uncertain time. Our goal is to provide high-quality dining options, while following CDC, the City of Berkeley Public Health, and California Department of Public Health requirements. Due to precautions for COVID-19, our hours of operation may change with limited notice.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring cleanliness and reducing virus transmission. You may notice some additional changes in your dining experience, including:

  • Face coverings are required when entering all dining locations, due to a requirement issued by the City of Berkeley
  • Patrons are asked to stand 6 feet apart from each other at all times (physical distancing)
  • Meals will be offered “to-go” and dining seating areas will be closed
  • No self-service stations
  • Food will be served to students from our staff behind sneeze guards to prevent transmission

Hours of Operation for 2020–⁠2021

All dining locations will be to-go only.

  • Dining Commons: Café 3, Clark Kerr, and Crossroads
  • Convenience Stores: Bear Market and The Den
  • Campus Restaurants: The Golden Bear Café and Pizzeria 1868

Foothill, Cub Market, Brown’s, Common Grounds, Terrace Café, and The Pro Shop @ RSF will be temporarily closed for 2020–⁠2021.

There may be further modifications to services and hours of operation as needed. (See hours of operation.)

Cleaning Procedures

Cal Dining staff is diligently cleaning tables and touchpoints throughout our facilities. This includes hourly wipe-downs of touch areas, e.g. building entrances and exits, light switches, etc.; increasing wipe-down of tables; utilizing hospital-grade disinfectant/detergent that is a cleaner, sanitizer, fungicide, mildewstat, and virucide.

Staff is instructed to wash hands frequently. This is currently part of production standards with staff washing hands between tasks, after taking breaks, between changing gloves and as required by health code. Culinary staff wears disposable nitrile gloves any time they are producing a product that is ready to eat for the consumer. They also use gloves when serving the customer.

Dining also has several stations throughout each facility that provide sanitizer to guests. Dining has also moved away from self-serve stations.

Image with icons, Wear your mask, Wash Hands Often, Practice social distancing, Get tested regularly, Add CA COVID NOTIFY to your phone. #BearCare