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University of California, Berkeley
2610 Channing Way #MC2272
Berkeley, CA 94720-2272
General Phone: 510.643.8323
Fax: 510.642.6990

Dining Central Administration Office, 2610 Channing Way

Unless noted, the area code for the listed phone numbers is (510)

Name Title Email Phone
General Information n/a 643-8323
Christopher Henning Executive Director 643-8323
Marcos Hernandez Director of Culinary 642-1843
Sunil Chacko Assistant Director of Commodities & Purchasing 642-0197
Jennifer Garcia Training Coordinator 643-2636
Neil Crawford Assistant Systems Coordinator 643-1565
Sam Lubow Sustainability Coordinator 708-8477
Jaylene Tang, MS. RD Registered Dietitian 289-6514
Angel Escario Student Program and Administrative Coordinator 642-7279
Adolfo Guerra Brand & Marketing Manager 520-7325

Crossroads Residence Dining & The Den, 2415 Bowditch Street

Name Title Email Phone
General Information n/a n/a 642-3142
Liam Bonner Assistant Director 316-7953
Michael Stelly Assistant General Manager 642-3142
Denise Stokes Manager 642-3882
Rose Zendejas Manager 642-3142

Café 3 / Bear Market, 2400 Durant Avenue

Name Title Email Phone
General Information n/a n/a 642-5392
Melvin Garcia General Manager 643-8681
Sean O’Donnell Executive Chef 642-6521
Gary Olson Manager 642-7279
Laquetta Riley Manager 642-7279

Stern / Foothill / Cub Market, 2700 Hearst Avenue

Name Title Email Phone
General Information n/a n/a 642-7050
Ron Persons Assistant General Manager 642-7050
David Murray Chef Manager 642-7050
Kenneth Kroll Manager 642-7050
Kim Nguyen Manager 642-7050

Clark Kerr – Events and Conferences, 2601 Warring Street

Name Title Email Phone
General Information Clark Kerr Dining n/a 642-6292
General Information Catering 643-4314
Bettye Boles Assistant General Manager 643-2233
Galen Vasquez Senior Executive Chef 697-0705
Carlos Sanchez Executive Chef 643-0785
Mary Ferrer Executive Chef 642-6291
Samuel Hernandez Manager 643-1185
Salvador Montealegre Manager 496-1093
Karen Jones Manager 643-1155

Training Table

Name Title Email Phone
Marco Buendia Sous Chef 643-8323
Robert Lopez Sous Chef 643-8323

Campus Restaurants

Name Title Email Phone
Graciela Pena Manager (The Golden Bear Café) 642-7479
David Bell Assistant General Manager (The Golden Bear Café) 642-7429
Sandra Jacquez Assistant General Manager (Brown’s) 289-6523
The Golden Bear Café n/a n/a 642-7479
Terrace Café n/a n/a 642-8903
Brown’s California Cafe n/a n/a 642-1004
The Pro Shop at RSF n/a n/a 643-9244
Common Grounds n/a n/a 642-8455