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Cal Dining's prevention and response efforts.

Cal Dining is committed to actively engaging in practices that reduce both solid waste and food waste in our operations.

Reduce This

Reusable Utensils

  • For fall 2020, reusable utensils were provided for undergraduate students living in the residence halls. Help us reduce waste by reusing this utensil set for every Cal Dining meal!

Food Donations

  • Cal Dining is proud to regularly donate overproduced food to the campus food pantry and local nonprofits. Cal Dining donates ~30,000 lbs of food each year to these organizations.

Food Waste

  • Students are encouraged to take only what they will eat in our all-you-care-to-eat dining commons to reduce the environmental impact of food waste.
  • Food that cannot be donated is composted at a local compost facility in partnership with Cal Zero Waste

Cooking Oil Recycling

Cal Dining partners with Filta to recycle our used cooking oil. Filta collects the waste oil and converts it into biodiesel, reducing both waste and emissions on the road.

Recycle/compost this


We make great efforts to ensure our disposable packaging is compostable or recyclable when possible. Please help us reach our zero waste goal by 2020 and beyond by following bin signage and sorting your waste into the correct container.