Plant Forward Recipe Challenge

The Housing & Dining Sustainability Advocates are partnering with the Student Environmental Resource Center’s Carbon Crew on the Plant Forward Recipe Challenge. Each week our chefs are challenged to create a dish that is delicious, nutritious & sustainable. Popular dishes will have the opportunity to be added to next year’s menus!

Join us at one of our dining commons and help us rate our chef’s dishes!

March 2019:

Date 3/07 3/19 3/20 3/21
Location Clark Kerr Cafe 3 Foothill Crossroads
Meal period Breakfast Lunch Dinner Dinner
Recipe Sunchokes & chard

Sweet potato & kale

Dandelion greens & lentils Cabbage & tofu


April 2019:

Date 4/04 4/11 4/18 4/25 4/28
Location Clark Kerr Crossroads Foothill Crossroads Clark Kerr
Meal period Breakfast Lunch Dinner Lunch Brunch
Recipe Farro & beets Lentils and butternut squash Artichokes & cannellini beans Black beans and butternut squash