Non-Resident Meal Plan Terms and Conditions

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Period of Contract
Fall and Spring semester dates as defined in the official University academic calendar shall constitute the period of the Non-Resident Student Meal Plan contract, except for holiday periods. All meal plan contracts begin on the Sunday prior Fall Semester instruction begins, and ends on the last Sunday of Spring Semester.  Please view the UC Berkeley academic calendar for up-to-date information.

Holiday Periods
Cal Dining locations close for holiday periods, all important dates relating to Meal Plan service can be found here.

Contract Duration
The Non-Resident Meal Plan contract is for the Fall and Spring semesters or for the Spring semester only. No contracts are sold for the Fall semester only.  Each semester, half of the total Meal Plan points are credited to student's accounts. Should a student not use all their Fall Semester points, up to 100 unused points will carry over from the Fall Semester to Spring Semester. Points will not carry over from academic year to academic year, nor are they carried over into Summer Semester, therefore all unused points must be spent by the last day of the Spring Semester, otherwise they are forfeited. 

Non-Resident Meal Plans may be purchased from the beginning of the fall semester until dates specified under Important Dates. The full point and dollar amount associated with each plan will be billed to your account; points and costs are not pro-rated based on date of purchase.

Cal 1 Card
Cal Dining uses a computerized system to control access to its facilities. The Cal student ID card is encoded for the appropriate Meal Plan specified on a student's account. No meal shall be provided by Cal Dining without presentation of a valid student ID card. Student ID cards are not transferable. In the absence of the student's Cal ID card, meals may be purchased with cash, credit card, or debit. For a lost or stolen ID card, students are advised to contact the Cal 1 Card office; 180 Cesar Chavez Center, Lower Sproul Plaza; 510.643.6839;

Special Diets
Cal Dining locations provide a variety of meal options, including vegetarian and vegan selections. Although not guaranteed, special diets can usually be accommodated within our regular offerings. Residents are encouraged to arrange a meeting with our Registered Dietitian to discuss any special dietary concerns or food allergies by e-mailing

Non-Resident Meal Plans may be paid in two (2) installments if purchased in Fall Semester, and one (1) installment if purchased in Spring Semester.

Installments are: billed to CalCentral Account and due September and February. These installments will be shown on a student's e-bill in Bearfacts. The statements will indicate the specific date payment is due. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that payments are received at Campus Billing & Payment Services, 140 University Hall, on time, or be subject to late fines and other sanctions. Fees will also be assessed for any returned checks and will be charged on your CalCentral Account statement.

Should an account become delinquent, action will be taken to withhold meal service, block registration, and withhold the issuance of transcripts. This includes any add-on points purchased. If meal service is withheld, a student will not receive a refund for meals missed due to sanctions.

To prevent such sanctions, contact the Cal Student Central Office prior to the fifteenth of the payment month. 

Cancellation of Non-Resident Meal Plans
During December 1st through January 10th the Student Affairs Cashiers Office will accept cancellations of the Non-Resident Meal Plans without cause. No credit or refund will be given for any unused points from the Fall semester. Add on points will not be refunded or transferred; Meal Plan holders will forfeit all bonus points and any unused points up to cancel date. Cancellation fees apply.

To cancel, please contact the RSSP Cashiers office at or 510.642.1524.

Termination of Non-Resident Meal Plans outside of the cancellation period shall be approved only for academic withdrawal or medical reasons, with written verification from the University. If you join a living group such as a fraternity, sorority, or Co-Op that require meals, you can cancel your contract with a written statement from the living group.

Approved cancellations will be assessed a $50.00 cancellation fee.

Meal Plan Changes

Changes to your meal plan will be approved December 1st - January 10th. Students may request a change to their Meal Plan by submitting a request to:

The current plan will be cancelled, along with bonus points and the new plan and bonus points will be activated. Any points used in Spring Semester up until change date will be deducted from new plan. A $50.00 administrative fee will be imposed for any approved meal plan change.

Residence Hall Contract
If you receive a Residence Hall assignment, the Non-resident Meal Plan contract will be pro-rated. Students must inform the RSSP Cashier’s Office of the Non-Resident Meal Plan contract if accept by a Residence Hall for assignment.

Graduating or Studying AbroadIf graduating in Fall Semester or studying abroad in Spring Semester, students must request to cancel your non-resident meal plan by emailing: Students who are graduating or studying abroad are allowed to cancel to avoid penalty or cancellation fee. Verification of graduation or study abroad program will be requested. Failure to contact BusOps will result in additional charges to students CalStudent Central account.

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