Can parents use their CalNet delegate credentials to sign up for a meal plan for their students?

The parent CalNet delegate credentials do not work for the purposes of signing up for meal plans. Students must sign up for a meal plan using their active CalNet identification and password.  

How and when can I change my meal plan?

For Resident and Non-Resident Meal Plans, you can change your meal plan online or at the cashier's office located at 2610 Channing Way, 2nd floor. For Resident Meal Plan changes contact reshall@berkeley.edu or 510.642.4108. For Non-Resident Meal Plan changes contact busops@berkeley.edu or 510.642.1524. The dates during which you can change your meal plan vary based on the academic calendar. See eligible dates here: Meal Plans Important Dates.

What meal plan do I choose if I live in campus apartments like Channing-Bowditch or Wada?

Residents of all UC housing apartments are eligible to purchase any of the Non-Resident Meal Plans, as well as the Summer Meal Plan (provided that you are registered for summer or fall classes). Purchase a Non-Resident Meal Plan or Summer Meal Plan here using your CalNet ID!

What happens if I have a Cal 1 Card debit account and a meal plan? Will the register know which plan to take funds from?

Yes, the register systems in all Cal Dining locations automatically draw from the meal plan account first. If there are no meal points, then the registers will automatically deduct from the Cal 1 Card debit account if a student has one. (Otherwise students may pay for meal with cash or credit/debit cards if they have run out of points and haven't added more.)

When can I start using my meal plan?

For start and end dates for each meal plan, check the Meal Plan Important Dates page for: Resident, Non-Resident, Graduate, Summer.  

Faculty/Staff meal plans do not have a specific start date.

Can I buy a meal plan just for fall semester?

For Resident Meal Plans: students are required to have a fall and spring meal plan.

For Non-Resident Meal Plans: although we don't offer fall-only meal plans, customers can cancel their Non-Resident spring meal plans beginning December 1. Students graduating, withdrawing from the University, or studying abroad (EAP) can bring proof of such upon cancellation and the $50 fee will be waived.

For Graduate Meal Plans: The Graduate Student Meal Plan applies to both semesters, but you can choose to use all your points during the fall semester and not purchase more points.

For Faculty/Staff Meal Plans, this does not apply. You can purchase points at any time and when your points run out, you do not need to add points.

For Summer Meal Plans, this does not apply.

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Does Cal Dining provide balanced meal options?

Cal Dining offers a wide variety of options. Our menus are created by a team of chefs and a registered dietitian nutritionist to ensure the balance of flavor and health. While our menus are diverse, it is up to our customers to choose wisely. For ultimate nutritional value, Cal Dining sources a multitude of items that are environmentally friendly as well as health promoting. If you would like advice from our registered dietician, please email dietician@berkeley.edu.

Who do I talk to if I have dietary or nutritional questions or concerns?

Dietary or nutritional questions are best addressed to our staff dietitian in advance by emailing dietitian@berkeley.edu. Our general managers and chefs in each location can assist you on site. Residential students also can talk to the Tang Center student health workers, located in each residence hall. All students can also visit the campus Tang Center for health and wellness information.

How do you handle allergies?

Students with allergies are encouraged to reach out to our Registered Dietitian in advance by emailing dietitian@berkeley.edu, who will provide one-on-one support and connect you with the culinary team if needed. More information about allergies can be found in the Terms and Conditions for your meal plan.

Do you have vegan/vegetarian options?

Each dining location offers vegan and vegetarian options. Bear Fit station at Crossroads only offers vegan food items. Café 3 features a plant-forward menu with many vegan and vegetarian options.

Do you offer kosher options?

Cafe 3 has a certified kosher station offering kosher meats. Packaged kosher sandwiches are sold in our retail units across campus.

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