Meal Plans 2020–2021: Graduate/Extension Students

Graduate students or UC Berkeley Extension students may purchase a Graduate/Extension meal plan.

Meal plans include flex dollars, and work on a declining balance basis. Flex dollars may be used in the dining commons, campus restaurants, convenience stores, late night, concession stands, and to pay for guest meals at a discount from the cash price in the dining commons. 

Flex dollars will not roll over into summer session, or from academic year to academic year. Any flex dollars not used by the last day of the spring semester will be forfeited.

Flex dollars function like cash dollars—1 flex dollar has the purchasing power of $1. For example, a purchase of $2.01 would cost 2.01 flex dollars. Flex dollars cannot be refunded, transferred to another meal plan holder, or canceled.

Graduate/Extension plan

The Graduate/Extension meal plan provides 300 flex dollars for $300 to use within the academic year.

Graduate/Extension meal plans for 2020–2021 will be available to purchase August 1st, 2020.

Purchase Graduate/Extension Plan using your CalNet ID. 

Add-on flex dollars

Get more for your money when you purchase add-on flex dollars.

110 flex dollars for $100 55 flex dollars for $50

Purchase add-on flex dollars using your CalNet ID. 

Pricing for dining commons

With flex dollars, you pay less than cash price in the dining commons—on average almost $5 less per meal!  You can also use your flex dollars for guests at a discounted rate at the dining commons.


Meal Graduate/Extension Plan Guest Price Cash Price (with no meal plan)
Breakfast 7 flex dollars 7 flex dollars $10
Lunch/Brunch 8 flex dollars 8 flex dollars $13
Dinner 9 flex dollars 9 flex dollars $14

Terms and conditions

Read full terms and conditions here. 

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