Meal Plans 2019–2020:
​Undergraduate students living in the residence halls

The plans

Meal plans include a combination of meal swipes and flex dollars. Each week a specific number of meal swipes will be available for your use. Meal swipes that are not used during the week will expire at midnight on Saturday of each week. Meal swipes are non-transferrable.

Flex dollars work on a declining balance with half the flex dollars available for each semester. Flex dollars have a purchasing power of $1 each. For example, a purchase of $2.01 would cost 2.01 flex dollars. You can use your flex dollars at the dining commons when you run out of meal swipes for the week. There’s no daily minimum or maximum flex dollar usage.

Flex dollars will not roll over into summer session, or from academic year to academic year. Up to 100 flex dollars roll over from fall semester to spring semester. Any flex dollars not used by the last day of the spring semester will be forfeited. Flex dollars cannot be refunded, transferred to another meal plan holder, or canceled. ​

Choose a plan that works for you

Three meal plans are available for students who live in the residence halls. All meal plans begin on Sunday, August 25, 2019, prior to when fall semester instruction begins. Meal plans end on the last Sunday of spring semester, May 17, 2020.

The Blue Plan is included in the housing contract. But you have more choices! Pick the plan that works best for you and upgrade any time throughout the academic year. 



Ultimate Plan

Ultimate flexibility
Ultimate convenience
Ultimate value


Gold Plan

More flexibility
More convenience
More value


Blue Plan



Unlimited meal swipes
per week


1000 flex dollars
(500 per semester)

10 meal swipes
per week


1000 flex dollars
(500 per semester)

12 meal swipes
per week


600 flex dollars
(300 per semester)

+$950 per year
($475 per semester)

+$350 per year
($175 per semester)

in housing contract


Meal plan upgrades

At any time during the academic year, you may upgrade your on-campus meal plan:

From To Cost per semester
Blue Plan Gold Plan $175
Blue Plan Ultimate Plan $475
Gold Plan Ultimate Plan $300

Note: The upgrade fee cannot be prorated.

If you choose to downgrade a meal plan, you can only do so at the beginning of the fall semester through September 11, 2019 or from December 1, 2019 to January 24, 2020 for spring semester. Changes to meal plans must be made by filling this form.  No other meal plan change requests will be approved outside of the official change period.


Add-on flex dollars

Get more value for your dollar and supplement your meal plans by purchasing additional flex dollars.

110 flex dollars for $100

55 flex dollars for $50


Add-on flex dollars using your CalNet ID. 


Pricing for dining commons

With flex dollars, you pay less than cash price in the dining commons—on average almost $5 less per meal! You can also use your flex dollars for guests at a discounted rate at the dining commons.

Meal Gold/Blue Plan Guest Price Cash Price
(With no meal plan)
Breakfast 5 flex dollars 7 flex dollars $10
Lunch/Brunch 6 flex dollars 8 flex dollars $13
Dinner 7 flex dollars 9 flex dollars $14


Terms and conditions

Read full terms and conditions here. 

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