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Whether you eat a lot or a little, prefer sit-down meals or like to grab and go, meal plan options offer flexibility and great-tasting food for every need and every palate.  

Meal plans aren’t just for students living in the residence halls. Our award-winning dining commons, plant-forward restaurants, and gourmet coffee spots appeal to faculty, staff, graduates, and undergraduates living off campus as well. All of our dining commons, restaurants, food stands, and cafes have daily vegetarian and vegan selections, as well as gluten-free options. All dining commons have kosher and halal options available upon request.  Our registered dietitian and culinary team also work closely with students who have special dietary needs.

Great Food and Variety — at a Discount

Meal plans enable you to eat at all Cal Dining locations using your Cal 1 Card. On-campus restaurants, cafes, and athletic concession stands include options for upscale local food, made-to-order wraps and sandwiches, grab-and-go meals and snacks, smoothies, sushi, vegan food, gourmet coffee, and much, much more. Award-winning dining commons have a range of healthy and delicious food options and are all-you-care-to-eat. With every meal plan, you can purchase add-on flex dollars anytime throughout the year starting in August 2018. Buy $50 flex dollars for $47.50, a 5% discount; or $100 flex dollars for $90, a 10% discount.

Pricing for Dining Commons

If you have a meal plan and have used up your meal swipes, you may spend your flex dollars for meals in the dining commons. This is an even greater value when you consider that meals in the dining commons are “all you care to eat.”

Here is the cost of a meal when you use flex dollars versus cash/Cal 1Card debit.

Meal service Flex dollars Cash / Cal 1 Card Debit
Breakfast 8 $10
Lunch / Brunch 11.25 $13
Dinner 12 $14

Note: Anyone who wishes to eat in the dining commons may do so if they pay in cash. You do not need a meal plan or a Cal 1 Card.

Meal Plan flex dollars rollover from fall to spring.

How to Choose a Meal Plan

To offer flexibility for all needs, meal plans include meal swipes and flex dollars, both of which are accessible by paying with your Cal 1 Card at a Cal Dining location. Cal Dining offers meal plans tailored to your needs based on whether you live on or off campus, are a student or a faculty or staff member.

To decide on a meal plan, first read How It Works, and then visit Meal Plan page appropriate for you:

With so many locations and dining options to choose from, our meal plans make it easy for everyone. Let us do the cooking and cleaning for you.

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