How Your Meal Plan Works

Meal plans make local, organic, humane, and sustainable dining and convenience store options available for all undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff, whether you live on or off campus. It’s easy to manage your meal plan online or buy add-on flex dollars anytime during each semester.

Did you know? Meal plan holders save money by paying less per meal than the cash price at the dining commons.

Meal Plans Made Simple: Meal Swipes and Flex Dollars

From mealtimes to study snacks and stadium concessions, get award-winning food options. Meal plans include meal swipes plus flex dollars to spend like cash, all accessible by using your Cal 1 Card at Cal Dining locations.

A meal swipe is how you pay when you eat at the dining commons. Your meal plan includes a certain number of meal swipes stored on your Cal 1 Card. One meal swipe per meal period will be used each time you enter the dining commons.

Flex dollars are stored on your Cal 1 Card and function like cash dollars, but they hold greater value because you can purchase them at a discount. Flex dollars may be used as payment at campus convenience stores, restaurants, concession stands, and even for guest meals in the dining commons.

Manage your meal plan online. Upgrade your plan, purchase add-ons, and check meal swipes and flex dollar balances. Take advantage of on-campus dining commons, restaurants, and convenience stores. Meal plans may be purchased anytime throughout the year. When your meal swipes run out, buy another set, or buy add-on flex dollars to fit your needs.


The Best Deal for You

Our meal plans are designed to work for you.

Add-on flex dollars at a discount: Buy $50 flex dollars for $47.50, and $100 flex dollars for $90.

Guests welcome: You can use your flex dollars for guest meals.

Locations: Use your Cal 1 Card to access your meal swipes at the dining commons and flex dollars at all Cal Dining locations:

  • Residence dining commons: Café 3, Clark Kerr, Crossroads, and Foothill.
  • Restaurants: Brown’s, the Coffee Cart, Common Grounds, The Golden Bear Café, and Terrace Café.
  • Convenience Stores: Bear Market, CKCub, Cub Market, The Den (featuring Peet's Coffee & Tea), and The Pro Shop @ RSF.
  • Concession Stands: California Memorial Stadium, Haas Pavilion, as well as during other Cal Athletics events operated by Cal Dining.

How to Purchase a Meal Plan 

There are different plan options for students who live on campus, students who live off campus, and faculty and staff.

If you are a student living in the residence halls, your meal plan is included with your housing contract rates. To upgrade your plan from the Blue Residential Meal Plan to the Gold Residential Meal Plan, log in to the Housing Portal.

If you are an undergraduate, graduate, or UC Berkeley Extension International Concurrent Enrollment student living off-campus or in a University-owned/affiliated apartment, go to “Manage Your Account” on the right side of this page to buy a Bear Meal Plan or Cub Meal Plan. Click on "Meal Plan Login" to get started.

If you are a faculty or staff member,  you can buy a Faculty and Staff meal plan starting in August 2018 by going to “Manage Your Account” on the right side of this page to buy a meal plan. Click on "Meal Plan Login" to get started.

Once you have signed up for a meal plan, you can make eligible changes, add on flex dollars, or check your meal swipes and flex dollar balances by going to Manage Your Account.

Check on important dates for meal plan holders or learn about how Cal Dining can help you with special dietary needs.


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