Table Tent Information

Who can use table tents?
To qualify for table tent advertising, applicants must be a registered student organization with the LEAD Center or a sponsored Residence Hall Association group. For more information on campus registered student organizations, please visit

What can I advertise?
Qualified events are allowed as long as the content and graphics are not offensive, political in nature or referencing alcohol or drugs. The Dining managers have the right to reject any submission.

How long may I advertise?
Advertisements may be kept as long as two weeks, provided there is room in the table tent holders to accommodate all advertisements. Priority will go to table tent advertisements for important events occurring within 7-10 days. 

What size & how many?
Please prepare 280 table tents total: 100 for Crossroads, 80 for Cafe 3, 60 for Foothill, and 40 for Clark Kerr. Please make table tents 4.25" wide x 5.75" high, printed on one side only. Please count and separate the table tents per Dining Common.

Please contact Cal Dining Marketing for any questions:

Please note, table tent opportunities are generally reserved and full three weeks in advance