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Student Jobs

Perks include free meal, great starting wage, and flexible work schedule! 

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Work Unit

Type of schedule

Minimum hours per week

Type of Work

Additional Notes

Dining Commons (Foothill; Crossroads; CKC; Café 3), Brown's






Dining Room Attendant; Dish Room; Line Service; Food prep; Food service

Continuous employment gives the opportunity for advancement in internal positions (Crew Leader, Crew Supervisor, Office Positions, Marketing & Sustainability Assistants)

Concessions (Stadium; Haas Pavilion;

Variable (event shifts are at least 4 hours long; lots of nights/weekends)

Required to work ALL home football games + 2 additional events per month

Food prep, cashiering, set-up/clean-up and service at Cal athletic events

All students hired will undergo a Background Check (Dept. of Justice) as they will be handling cash/credit cards.


(CMS, CKC, and various locations on campus

Variable and flexible

Students sign up for events based on their schedule, event details sent 5-7 days before shift

Server/ event set-up/ light food prep for special events including sporting events, weddings, and conferences

A great opportunity to network with alumni & students while earning extra cash!

Training Table

(Cal Memorial Stadium; Haas Pavilion)

Fixed, subject to change

10, strongly suggested to pickup 1 weekend shift per month

Dining Room Attendant; Setup/Cleanup; Line Service

Help to serve healthy & nutritious meals to Cal’s athletes!

Please email if you have any questions: 


Staff Jobs

Join our award winning culinary team, recieve great benefits!  

How to apply via the HR employment website:

1. To apply you must have a valid email address.

2. Go to where you may apply online.

3. Click on "Job Listings" then select whether you're an "Internal" or "External" applicant. 

4. Under "Basic Job Search" in the "keywords" box, search for the jobs below using the job ID number or position name:

  •           Temp Storekeeper - $17.43/hour - ID 26815     
  •            Temp Cook - $17.52/hour - ID 26852
  •           Temp Sr. Food Service Worker - $16.84/hour - ID 26800
  •           Temp Temporary Banquet Server - $17.18/hour - ID 26861

          *Pay increase effective July 1, 2018. 

5. Create a profile, include your resume.  Once you complete the process, an email will be sent to confirm your resume has been received.