Meet the Sustainability Team! 

The sustainability team manages efforts around waste reduction and recycling, campus gardens, sustainability education and sustainability marketing. Meet the students that make it all happen!

Natalia Semeraro, Garden Coordinator
Senior | Nutritional Science Major; focus on Physiology and Metabolism Food Systems Minor |

Natalia Semeraro, Garden Coordinator

Hi! I'm Natalia, one of the Garden Coordinators on the Sustainability Team. I love to cook and am extremely passionate about cultivating edible landscapes. Through my work in other urban gardens, I have realized the need to address the availability and accessibility of these spaces. Growing food near one of our dining halls is a great way to connect with one another, plus it offers more experiential education opportunities and makes more fresh produce available to students. I truly believe that we cannot begin to create a more holistic solution for a sustainable food system, without first starting with our current, local communities: like Cal Dining! In addition to working with the team, I play intramural soccer, work at the Berkeley Student Food Collective, and get outdoors whenever possible.


Isabella Dang, Sustainability Education Coordinator
Senior | Nutritional Sciences Dietetics |

Isabella Dang, Sustainability Education Coordinator

Hi there, my name is Isabella and I am the educational coordinator and nutrition liaison for Cal Dining’s Sustainability Team. I am a “food science” major and I like to say that “the food” came first through working in my family’s restaurant and “the science” came second through a medical biology class in high school. My time at Cal has taught me how the nutritional components of food interweaves itself into a larger quilt—patched with environmental concerns, politics, anthropology, and art etc. Apart from Cal Dining, I am also involved Acts2Fellowship, SNAC, and clinic volunteering.




Aubrey Hills, Waste Reduction Coordinator 
Junior | Conservation and Resource Studies major, Chinese minor |

Aubrey Hills, Waste Reduction Coordinator

Hello, my name is Aubrey, and I am a part of the zero waste team for Cal Dining. I became interested in minimizing waste within the dining halls because I realized our emissions are affecting a much larger community. It has been so fun getting to meet Cal Dining employees who are passionate about achieving zero waste goals, including Berkeley’s ultimate goal of zero waste free by 2020!  In the future, I hope to study public policy so that I can work on a larger scale and make sure waste diversion efforts are perfected across the United States. In addition to the sustainability team, I run Berkeley’s student environmental blog, participate in SwingCal, and am a project leader for the ASUC sustainability team.



Hannah Haugenes, Garden Coordinator
Junior | Conservation and Resource Studies major, Spanish and Global Poverty and Practice minor |

Hannah Haugenes, Garden Coordinator

I’m Hannah and I’m a new garden coordinator for the Cal Dining Sustainability Team. I grew up in New Jersey where I gardened and composted with my mom and was constantly outside. I’m hoping to focus my studies on environmental justice and agroecology so I can ensure everyone has equal access to safe green space, and healthy and sustainably grown food because I see the beneficial impacts it has on all life. Along with this position, I work with Words of the Watershed, an environmental arts and writing publication on campus as well as Fossil Free Cal and the Berkeley Student Food Collective.




Carolina Bailon, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Sophmore | Intended Sustainable Environmental Design Major |

Kristie Hung, Sustainability Marketing Coordinator

Hello! I am Carolina working as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Cal Dining’s Sustainability Team. I am from Calexico,  a tiny border town in southern California. I am passionate about the intersection of sustainability with the built environment, and how that plays a pivotal role in the well-being of people and the overall ecology of a landscape. Research shows that the urban population will increase by another 2.5 billion people by the year 2050, meaning that the design of our current cities must change in order to cater to the rising population while avoiding the exhaustion of Earth’s resources. This also means that our food systems will have to revolutionize, and begin to implement and educate others on sustainable and resilient food practices. Outside of the team, I am also a writer in the SERC Blog, an active member in the Students Of Color Environmental Collective, where we advocate for environmental justice and ASUC’s Internal Department of Sustainability.

Adeline Wong, Sustainability Education Coordinator
Sophmore | Nutritional Sciences Physiology and Metabolism |

Adeline Wong, Sustainability Education Coordinator

Hi, I’m Adeline, and I work as an Education Coordinator for Cal Dining's Sustainability Team. Growing up in Indonesia with a Chinese-Indonesian heritage, I have been exposed to various cultures. I love traveling, as it allows me to discover and value the diverse cultures and traditions the world offers. As I study about concerning topics related to nutrition, I found out that 60% of the student body in UC Berkeley alone experiences food insecurity. This propelled me to become more passionate in discovering how to improve the global health.




Ella Griffith, Food Waste Reduction Coordinator 
Sophmore | Conservation and Resource Studies |

Ella Griffith, Food Waste Reduction Coordinator

Hello all!! I’m Ella working as the Food Waste Reduction Coordinator. Having been raised on a small, organic home farm, food sustainability has always played a large role in my life. College campuses can be a microcosm of a larger problem: where many students may barely eat half of their meal before throwing it away, many of their classmates are food insecure. My goal is to help students at Berkeley feel more connected to the problem of food waste and therefore take greater responsibility in their role in reduction. In addition, I work to hold Cal Dining accountable to reducing food waste from a pre-consumer standpoint. Outside of this team, I work with School Garden Network, a nonprofit in Sonoma County that aims to help fund and support garden and food nutrition programs in local schools and for Baker Creek Seeds planning the annual National Heirloom Exposition.


Sylvia Targ, Sustainability Education Coordinator
Marine Science, Ecosystem Management and Forestry Majors |

Ella Griffith, Food Waste Reduction Coordinator

Hello there! I’m Sylvia, and I’m a Education Coordinator for Cal Dining's Sustainability Team. I’m interested in nearly all aspects of natural history, but my favorite thing to think about is anthropogenic ecosystems engineering of the marine persuasion. Marine biology, aquaculture, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, and the intersection of human rights and natural resource management are the central themes you’d find in my search history.  Humans who inspire me include the oceanographer Sylvia Earle, the caring television persona Fred Rogers, and every one of my friends. My non-academic interests include cooking, eating, writing, going on nature adventures and singing in a band. I hope to find a career which combines teaching, research, fieldwork, and enough spare time to maintain backyard chickens and a hive of honeybees. I’m also involved in Students of Color Environmental Collective and serve as the VP of the Ocean Society of Berkeley.

Heliya Izadpanah, Waste Reduction Coordinator
Society and Environment |

Ella Griffith, Food Waste Reduction Coordinator

Hello! My name is Heliya and I am one of the Waste Reduction Coordinators. I major in Society and Environment with a concentration in Justice and Sustainability, which entails examining the intersections between science and the social, economic, and political forces that shape our world. Examining these facets on a microscale, it is evident that while some of our campus waste is currently recycled or composted, much of it still ends up in landfills, the ocean, or other nations where it can damage the ecosystem and the health of people and animals. This year I look forward to working with my fellow Waste Reduction Coordinator to decrease our campus population’s role in waste production. Outside of the sustainability team, I lead the United Nations Refugee Agency at Cal (UNRAC) in bolstering community humanitarian efforts on behalf of international refugees, and assist in research within the School of Public Health. I am also a 2017-2018 DeCal Facilitator and Break Leader for the Animal Welfare Class in the Alternative Breaks Program. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, working out, and supporting vegan activism -- which is essential to creating a sustainable future.


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