Green Business Certified

Over the past decade, we have made great strides in greening our dining services by researching, piloting, and implementing new sustainability programs. Cal Dining has the first four Green Business certifed builings at UC Berkeley including Clark Kerr, Foothill, and Cafe 3, and Crossroads!


Cal Dining is committed to waste reduction, energy efficiency, and compost and recycling programs. 


Requirements to be Green Business Certified Include:

Energy & Water Conservation

Cal Dining has installed water saving appliances in all kitchen, including low- spray nozzles and motion detectors on sinks. We have replaced flourescent lighting with energy- efficiant fixtures in addition to using ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. 



Waste Reduction

Cal Dining partners with Cal Zero Waste to compost organic waste and recycle paper, glass, metal, cardboard, and plastic. 



Establish a 'green team' that can help guide efforts to green the business

Cal Dining has a student team of Sustainability Coordinators focused on improving sustainability projects within operations. Different focuses of this team include maintaining the Clark Kerr garden, waste audits in the dining halls, and marketing and student education on Cal Dining's sustainability efforts