How does it work

1. For 3 meal points, you can get a reusable to-go container from the cashier.

2. Fill up and go

3. Keep your container until you need another to-go meal

4. Bring your rinsed container back to the cashier and receive a replacement

Why should I reuse?

Compostable containers need heat and moisture to break down efficiently so containers that end up in landfills take significantly longer to break down. Chews to Reuse containers cut landfills out of the picture. It is also a one-time payment of 3 points for semester-long use of the containers compared to spending 25.5 points on single-use containers. (assuming to-go meals 2 times a week)

Where can I use my reusable to-go container?

Containers are now available at all four Residential Dining Commons. You will be able to return reusable to-go containers to all the DCs for cleaning. Campus retail locations (e.g. GBC & Ramonas) are NOT participants of Chews to Reuse.

Are the containers MICROWAVE safe?


What happens if I lose/break my container?

If you lose your container, you will need to purchase a new one to continue participating in the reusable to-go container program. Please see a manager if your container breaks.

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Bio-degradable to-go container made from sugar bagasse