Graduate Students

The Graduate Student Meal plan is for graduate students and UC Berkeley Extension International Concurrent Enrollment Students who want convenience and flexibility. If you are registered for summer or fall classes, you can also purchase a Summer Meal Plan.

You’re Busy Enough — Let Us Do the Cooking for You

No grocery shopping. No cooking. No dishes to wash. Enjoy meals hassle-free.

You can use your points any way you want — to eat meals, buy snacks, lattes, and concessions at Cal games, or any combination.

Read about the discounts, benefits, and features th at apply to all meal plans here. 

Graduate Student Meal Plan

Flexibility to add points at a discount gives you the option to decide how many meals to eat on campus. The additional dining commons discount gives you a great deal on all-you-care-to eat meals.

  • Minimum purchase of 200 points for $200.
  • Add points at a 10% discount at any time: $50 buys 55 points.
  • 200 points buys you about 1-2 meals per week per semester, plus snacks, drinks, and more.

You can purchase a plan beginning a couple of weeks before classes start (see specific dates), and add points at any time. All unused points roll over from fall to spring.

Sign up for the Graduate Student Meal Plan using your CalNet ID.

Important Dates 2017–18

View all the important dates you need to keep track of related to your meal plan. When no year is noted, the months fall within the academic year.

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