Resident meal plans are for students living in the residence halls. Once you move out of the residence halls (for example at the end of spring semester), you are eligible for a Summer Meal Plan or a Non-Resident Meal Plan. Purchase the Summer Meal Plan toward the end of the spring semester.

Flexibility and Convenience for Every Taste

Whether you eat a lot or a little, prefer sit-down meals or like to grab and go, spend your weekends in Berkeley or elsewhere, three meal plan options offer flexibility and great-tasting food for every palate. The Premium Meal Plan is a student favorite.

Read about the discounts, benefits, and features that apply to all meal plans here. 

Meal Plan Options

Standard Plan: Included In Housing Rate

The Standard Meal Plan provides about 10 meals per week and is designed for light eaters or students who spend most weekends away from campus.

  • 2,500 points per academic year (1,250 per semester).
  • Cost included in housing rate.
  • Add points at any time at a 10% discount (pay $50 for 55 points).

Sign up for the Standard Plan when you sign up for housing.

Options to Upgrade

You can easily upgrade your meal plan for more flexibility.

Upgrade your meal plan if you...

  • Want convenience; eat most meals near campus
  • Don’t usually leave campus on weekends or eat out at expensive restaurants
  • Would like to eat at Cal Dining on- or off-campus venues more than once a day

Premium Plan (Recommended)

The Premium Meal Plan provides about 14 meals per week (2 per day) and is designed for students who want flexibility and enough points to make purchases at numerous cafes, athletic concession stands, grocery outlets, and restaurants on and near campus. Students tell us this meal plan gives them an excellent balance of eating on and off campus.

  • 3,000 points per academic year (1,500 per semester).
  • An additional $350 ($175 per semester).
  • Add points at any time at a 10% discount (pay $50 for 55 points).

You can sign up for the Premium Plan when you sign up for housing. Or you can Upgrade to the Premium Plan afterward (see dates).

Ultimate Access Plan

The Ultimate Access Plan provides about 19+ meals per week and is designed for students who want to eat almost all meals on campus, with additional points for retail purchases. This meal plan provides the most amount of convenience.

  • Three entries to dining commons per day (two on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) plus 1,000 additional points (500 per semester) for retail purchases.
  • An additional $750 per academic year ($375 per semester).

Sign up for The Ultimate Access Plan when you sign up for housing. Or you can Upgrade to the Ultimate Access Plan afterward (see dates).

Compare the Meal Plans

The total number of meals you will be able to purchase with each meal plan will depend on your eating habits and lifestyle. Students who will be eating in the dining commons may use more points per meal than those who purchase grab-n-go items at a grocery outlet. The price of meals at restaurants, cafes, and grocery outlets varies. Dining commons prices are set by the meal and are all-you-care-to-eat.

Resident Meal Plan Comparison Chart

Meal Plan Cost Number of Points Meals per Week (approximate)
Standard Included as part of housing contract 2,500 10

Premium (recommended)

Included in housing, plus $350

3,000 14
Ultimate Access

Included in housing, plus $750

3 meals Mon.–Fri.

2 meals Sat.–Sun.

1,000 bonus points

19 plus snacks

Important Dates

View all the important dates you need to keep track of related to your meal plan. When no year is noted, the months fall within the academic year.

Budgeting Your Points

View a chart that will help you budget your points throughout the year.