You don’t have to take summer classes to buy a Summer Meal Plan. The Summer Meal Plan is for any student who is not living in the residence halls, and who is registered for summer or fall classes. That includes graduate students.

Let Us Do the Cooking So You Can Enjoy the Sunshine

Enjoy the sunshine this summer. No grocery shopping. No cooking. No dishes to wash. Take your classes, do your research, go to work, break bread with your friends, and get outside too.

You can use your points any way you want — to eat meals, buy snacks, cappuccinos, groceries, or any combination.

Read about the discounts, benefits, and features that apply to all meal plans here.

Summer Meal Plan

Flexibility to add points at a discount gives you the option to decide how many meals to eat on or near campus. The additional dining commons discount gives you a great deal on all-you-care-to eat meals.

  • Minimum purchase of 300 points for $300.
  • Add points at a 10% discount at any time: $50 buys 55 points.
  • 300 points buys you about about 1–2 meals (during the summer) plus snacks, drinks, and more.
  • Use points while summer classes are in session (see specific dates).
  • Points do not roll over to the fall semester, so use all your points by the last eligible date (see dates here).

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Important Dates

View all the important dates you need to keep track of related to your meal plan.