Resident Meal Plans for Fall 2017 / Spring 2018

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Cal Dining's residential meal plans offer the flexibility and freedom that students need to dine with us however they want, whenever they want. Our combination of residential and retail services feature well-rounded options whether students are on-the-go or gathering with friends around a dining table. 

Resident Meal Plan Basics
Students choose their Meal Plan type when signing their housing contract with Residential and Student Service Programs (RSSP). Changes to Meal Plans may be made during Fall and Spring Semesters by contacting the RSPP Office Cashiers or online under the RSSP Managing Your Account site. Meal Plan points are the currency with which students use their Meal Plan accounts.

Resident Meal Plan Comparison Chart

Resident Meal Plan Type: Cost: Points per Academic Year: Points per
Avg. Meals/Week:
Standard included in housing 2500 1250 10 
Premium included in housing + $350/year 3000 1500 14
Ultimate Access included in housing + $750/year 1000 + DC all-access entries** 500 19+

*Total varies depending on eating habits. Note that dining commons points are set for each meal, but campus restaurant meal cost vary depending on what is purchased.

**The Ultimate Access plan includes three "all-you-care-to-eat" entries to the dining commons per day (two entries on Saturday, Sunday & Holidays); in any dining commons with no Meal Plan points deducted. (To-Go box charges apply.)  Ultimate Meal Plan points may be used for guests, and in all Cal Dining campus restaurants.


  • Eat at any Cal Dining location:
    • All-you-care-to-eat dining commons: Clark Kerr, Crossroads, Café 3, Foothill
    • Residential retail locations: Bear Market, Cub Market, CKCub and The Den (featuring Peet's Coffee & Tea)
    • Retail locations: The Golden Bear Café, Brown's, Terrace Café, The Pro Shop and Common Grounds
    • Concession stands at California Memorial Stadium and Haas Pavilion
  • No daily minimums or maximums, dine with us when you want
  • Unlimited guest meals, use your points for as many guests as you want
  • To-go meals available at all four residence dining commons
  • Late night service offered at select locations (See hours for options)
  • Easy online account management
  • Add more points at any time ($50 purchases 55 points)
  • Up to 100 unused points from Fall Semester rollover to Spring Semester
  • Half of Meal Plan points are added at the beginning of Fall Semester, the last half added at the beginning of Spring Semester


Meals are discounted from the cash price to Meal Plan participants. Cash pricing listed for comparison (showing Meal Plan participants a $4.00 savings per meal):                                                          
Meal Meal Plan Points Cash price* Meals To-Go Chews to Reuse
reusable to-go (one time payment to buy-in to the program)
Breakfast 6.00 points $10.00 + $1.00

$5.00 or 5.00 points for to-go container;

$5.00 or 5.00 points for reusable mug

Lunch/Brunch 7.00 points $11.00 + $1.00
Dinner 8.00 points $12.00 + $1.00

Retail Campus Restaurants Pricing:

Retail points have a purchasing power of $1.00 each (calculated to the 1/100th). For example, a purchase of $2.01 would cost 2.01 points.

Meal Plan Options

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