Meal Plan Type Available for Purchase Available for Use Make Changes/Cancel Meal Plan Last Day to Purchase FALL Meal Plan Last Day to Purchase SPRING Meal Plan Last Day to Use Points
Residential*    8/20/17 12/1/17 - 1/10/18     5/13/18**
Non-Residential 4/01/17 8/20/17 12/1/17 - 1/10/18 11/01/17 3/31/18 5/13/18**
Graduate 8/01/17 8/20/17     4/1/18 5/13/18**
Summer 5/1/17 5/21/17 Changes & Cancellations cannot be made. Last Day to Purchase Summer Meal Plan is 7/19/17 8/11/17
Faculty/Staff Ongoing
  • Residential meal plans begin at brunch on August 20, 2017
  • Optional non-residential meal plans begin at brunch on August 20, 2017
  • Upgrades to undergraduate meal plans are allowed at any time with no administrative charge until August 26
  • Ultimate plan holders may only make changes to meal plans during winter break
  • You may downgrade your meal plan with an administrative fee of $50 until September 1, 2017

Special Notes: Graduate plans are not available for purchase during the summer terms but any registered student can purchase a summer plan.

There is a $50 administrative fee that is charged for any plan downgrades.

Please check our Semester Hours Page for detailed information.

50% of your points are added at the beginning of the fall semesters with the remaining 50% added at the beginning of the Spring semester

*Residential Meal Plan is part of room & board Housing Contract. 
**Meal Plan will end at 10 a.m.

Meal Plan Options

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