2601 Warring Street

The historic Clark Kerr Campus brings a Spanish influence to dining with us. Clark Kerr serves a variety of culinary delights for dinner every weekday, as well as brunch and dinner on the weekends. In keeping with our commitment to providing nutritious foods at all our dining commons, Clark Kerr always offers a 100% organic salad bar. The outdoor courtyard patio provides a tranquil setting for students to enjoy their meals. Clark Kerr is green and organic certified.

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Regular Academic Year Prices:

  Meal Points Non-meal Plan Price
(Cash or Cal 1 Debit)
To-Go Chews to Reuse
reusable to-go
Breakfast 6 $10.00 + $1.00

$5.00 / 5 points
(one time)

Reusable mug:

$5.00 / 5 points

Lunch/Brunch 7 $11.00 + $1.00
Dinner 8 $12.00 + $1.00

Children 5-12

under 5 free

7 $7.00 --


Clark Kerr Dining