2400 Durant Avenue

Café 3 features a newly designed menu that intentionally increases the ratio of plant-centric foods to animal products, without compromising flavor. The menu focuses on food that is at the intersection of delicious, nutritious, and sustainable, and does not include pork and shellfish. Whether you're looking for vegetarian, vegan, or kosher food options, this "dining hall for all" aims to to provide more options for our diverse student community. The new center station is certified kosher, which also caters to those on the hunt for halal food. Café 3 is open for brunch and dinner daily and features eight dining platforms serving globally-inspired and local organic menu options.

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Regular Academic Year Prices:

  Meal Points Non-meal Plan Price
(Cash or Cal 1 Debit)
To-Go Chews to Reuse
reusable to-go
Breakfast 6 $10.00 + $1.00

$5.00 / 5 points
(one time)

Reusable mug:

$5.00 / 5 points

Lunch/Brunch 7 $11.00 + $1.00
Dinner 8 $12.00 + $1.00

Children 5-12

(under 5 free)

7 $7.00 --